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Working in Singapore

For a product-testing and certification company, Singapore is a great place to do business. The country itself is fixated  on quality and fervent in its desire to produce world class products, both of which lead to demanding regulations and a constant need for testing and certification. But … [Read More...]


Fake Stuff – updated Nicky Coutinho, veteran of the 2012 program, recently updated the video that he and Shanel Tage did on the knockoff market in China. It's good to see the continuing impact of their experiences in the Davidson in China program continue on in their … [Read More...]

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The Sovereign Enterprise

  Despite a marked lack of natural resources and a relatively short 40-year old history, the sovereign island city-state Singapore is a thriving and pronouncedly unique country. It’s an international business hub, one of the four “Asian Tiger” economies, and a world leader in urban … [Read More...]



Ahhhh, Beijing, China, the city with something old and something new all in one place. I only have about seven weeks here and I know with all my heart that I cannot experience this city all in just seven weeks. If that were to be my goal, I would surely fail. So instead, my goal is to simply learn … [Read More...]


Touring vs. Study Abroad : Americans Promoting Study Abroad

The first time I was here in Beijing was four years ago when I earned a study abroad scholarship by Americans Promoting Study Abroad (APSA), a non-profit organization, for five weeks in the summer of 2012. I found the program so impactful that I applied to the APSA Alumni Student Mentor Position in … [Read More...]


My Own Personal “Fear Factor”

When I was younger, my family would all sit down together and watch "Survivor" and then "The Fear Factor".  On "The Fear Factor" reality show, contestants have to face their fears by outlasting the others in uncomfortable or disgusting situations. It was always a good time to scream or laugh at the … [Read More...]

An Unsustainable Eco-City? An ethnographic film by Bohannan, Coursen, and Feng

Chai Lu Bohannan and Julie Coursen did fieldwork with Fudan University graduate student Feng Ran examining the social impact of a developing eco-city on nearby Chongming Island. Because Chongming, an island in the Yangtze River Delta, is a couple of … [Read More...]

Yeeva Cheng delivers a paper at an international Hakka Studies conference

At an international conference titled "Hakka Cultural Diversity and Theory in Hakka Studies" held at Jiaying College in Meizhou Prefecture, Guangdong Province on December 6-10, 2012, Yeeva Cheng ('15) presented "Historical Trauma and Cultural … [Read More...]