Up until now our travels were comfortable. Suspiciously comfortable. Although we were warned about the altitude, few of us have experienced the effects that nearly two miles of elevation can bring out, and like most, I was honestly pretty curious to see how this one would turn out. The constant … [Read More...]

Fake Stuff – updated

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXLXLvnD5qg Nicky Coutinho, veteran of the 2012 program, recently updated the video that he and Shanel Tage did on the knockoff market in China. It's good to see the continuing impact of their experiences in the Davidson in China program continue on in their … [Read More...]

Taipei vs. Shanghai

https://vimeo.com/53728917 This video was produced by Alex Bau and Shanel Tage, for ANT 372 and the Davidson in Shanghai Program in the fall of 2012. … [Read More...]

The Making of ‘Pound the Alarm’ for FUDANSO

Daniel Van Note choreographed a dance for FDANSO, a student dance company that performed in late November. By coincidence, one of the dancers in the group (Li Yazhi) was also in the Visual Anthropology seminar as well, and joined Dan to perform in this dance. Making of "Pound the Alarm" dance with … [Read More...]


No Regrets: My 20th Birthday in Toronto

So as some of you may have realized, I was not in Shanghai for the past week. As crazy (and exorbitantly expensive) as it may have been, I decided at the last minute to fly to Toronto to attend the 50th Anniversary commemoration ceremony of the 1962 Chinese-Indian internment. While my dad gladly … [Read More...]

My Own Personal “Fear Factor”

When I was younger, my family would all sit down together and watch "Survivor" and then "The Fear Factor".  On "The Fear Factor" reality show, contestants have to face their fears by outlasting the others in uncomfortable or disgusting situations. It was always a good time to scream or laugh at the … [Read More...]

2018 Summer research funding for East Asia

Davidson students are eligible to apply for the Hirose Award, which will fund independent projects in East Asia. This year, the Dean Rusk Program will make three Hirose awards of up to $6,000 each, but funding cannot be used for study abroad programs … [Read More...]

Yeeva Cheng delivers a paper at an international Hakka Studies conference

At an international conference titled "Hakka Cultural Diversity and Theory in Hakka Studies" held at Jiaying College in Meizhou Prefecture, Guangdong Province on December 6-10, 2012, Yeeva Cheng ('15) presented "Historical Trauma and Cultural … [Read More...]