2016 Pre-Departure Orientation Schedule

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Announcement: Teach in China

James English (“James 英语”), Ma’anshan, Anhui, China Overview of Employment Package

  • 7,000 – 9,000 RMB monthly salary, depending on experience
  • 12 months employment
  • Contract completion bonus (equal to one month’s salary)
  • Resettlement Allowance (3,500 RMB)
  • Travel Allowance 60 RMB/month
  • Paid Airfare to China and a monthly stipend toward return trip
  • Monthly Housing Allowance (1,500 RMB)
  • Training Completion Bonus (3,500 RMB)
  • 3 weeks paid hotel
  • Approx. 20 days paid holiday (including approx. 10 days paid leave for Spring Festival)
  • Comprehensive Health and Dental Insurance, including 2 teeth cleanings and 20 therapy visits (covers psychiatrist, physical therapist, acupuncture, or therapeutic massage) annually

What you need to know:

  • English Language Instructors provide a highly engaging and effective learning experience to children between 3 – 12 years old through the delivery of innovative and immersive educational content.
  • Successful English Language Instructors have high energy! Delivering curriculum with energy and enthusiasm is a must. Our Instructors use immersive learning techniques such as storytelling, singing, dialogue and role-playing in combination with formal exercises.
  • English Language Instructors work a 40 hour work week (20 – 25 contact teaching hours (up to 30 hours if working with our special summer or winter courses) including evening and weekends.
  • Measuring progress as well as educational results while providing on-going support and development to the students is required for success.
  • English Language Instructors build strong relationships with parents and keep them “in- the-know” on their child’s journey with us.

To qualify for a visa you’ll need minimum one of the following:

Bachelor degree and above with a major related to education OR
Bachelor degree and above (Major is NOT Education) AND an internationally recognized TEFL or CELTA qualification
Teaching Experience: Highly desirable but not necessary.

You’ll need all of the below:

  • To be at least 21 years-old
  • American nationality
  • Native English speaker with strong writing skills
  • Able to communicate with learners where English is not their first language
  • A flexible “can do” attitude, a thirst for learning and an adaptable approach to working
  • Passion for working with young children is essential

What we offer:

  • Salaries start at $1, 129 USD (7,000 RMB) per month (dependent on qualifications/experience)
  • Monthly housing allowance of $242 USD (1,500 RMB)
  • Resettlement allowance of $565 USD (3,500 RMB)
  • Onboarding Training/Orientation Completion Bonus of $565 USD (3,500 RMB)
  • Paid airfare to China and a monthly travel stipend toward return trip
  • Three weeks hotel accommodation provided upon arrival in China
  • Health, dental, paid sick and vacation time
  • Robust academic training including assistance obtaining a TEFL-C certification as well as a Rosetta Stone Mandarin software
  • Discounted Mandarin Chinese lessons

If you would like to apply, complete the attached application and e-mail it to jamesbenflieder@hotmail.com

Fake Stuff – updated

Nicky Coutinho, veteran of the 2012 program, recently updated the video that he and Shanel Tage did on the knockoff market in China.

It’s good to see the continuing impact of their experiences in the Davidson in China program continue on in their academic career.

Silk Orders at the South Bund

bohannan-Wanderlust_2013-1-300x225 Silk Orders at the South BundThe sound of a sewing machine rumbling reminds me of my mother. My mother, Ivy, works as tailor in a local boutique in Durham, NC. As a child, I could usually find my mother in her sewing room working on her clients’ clothes or a sewing project for fun. Many of the garments my sister and I wore growing up were custom made by my mom. My mother sewed us many things, including, smoking dresses, bedspreads, and Halloween costumes. She would often bring my sister and me along to shop for buttons, zippers, and thread. While walking through the fabric store, my hands would move across the endless rows of fabric rolls; cotton, fleece, polyester, leather, silk and satin.

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(This is an article written by Chai Lu Bohannan, as part of the 2013 Wanderlust magazine published by the Dean Rusk Center for International Studies).