Fake Stuff – updated

Nicky Coutinho, veteran of the 2012 program, recently updated the video that he and Shanel Tage did on the knockoff market in China.

It’s good to see the continuing impact of their experiences in the Davidson in China program continue on in their academic career.

Silk Orders at the South Bund

bohannan-Wanderlust_2013-1The sound of a sewing machine rumbling reminds me of my mother. My mother, Ivy, works as tailor in a local boutique in Durham, NC. As a child, I could usually find my mother in her sewing room working on her clients’ clothes or a sewing project for fun. Many of the garments my sister and I wore growing up were custom made by my mom. My mother sewed us many things, including, smoking dresses, bedspreads, and Halloween costumes. She would often bring my sister and me along to shop for buttons, zippers, and thread. While walking through the fabric store, my hands would move across the endless rows of fabric rolls; cotton, fleece, polyester, leather, silk and satin.

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(This is an article written by Chai Lu Bohannan, as part of the 2013 Wanderlust magazine published by the Dean Rusk Center for International Studies).

Tohee International Student Village

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sw1Located close to Fudan University, Tohee International Student Village provides a range of fully furnished student apartments to suit all requirements, each apartment has wireless broadband and telephone.

2012 Program – From the students

Visiting Xi'an

Davidson in Shanghai was a great opportunity to spend a semester at one of the best universities in China, while still getting to work with Davidson students and a Davidson professor. One of the best things about Davidson in Shanghai is the diverse range of opportunities to travel and meet people it offered, without having to worry about getting credits transferred. Having a Davidson professor on hand to guide the experience and introduce us to a lot of interesting people was really helpful as well.

The Davidson in Shanghai program was a great experience! We had the opportunity to see many cities in China and Taiwan and to get to know students at Fudan and members of the community. It is a trip you won’t want to miss!

Davidson in Shanghai was the one of the best experiences I have had in my college career. It was an eye-opening, and liberating experience. If I could go again, I definitely would!

Information Sessions for Davidson-in-China 2014

2012 Group Picture at Fudan University

2012 Group Picture at Fudan University

We will be having 3 information sessions for the 2014 Shanghai program on the following dates during the common hour:

  • October 8, 2013
  • November 12, 2013
  • January 14, 2014

All meetings will take place in Chambers 1027. For more information, email Fuji Lozada (erlozada).