An Endless Supply of Free Movies

Coming to China I knew there would be a lot of fake goods available for purchase.  I remember coming to Beijing when I was little and always returning with a stash of DVDs that had recently come out.  When most people think of China, they naturally think of inferior products and goods.


But it turns out it is not just physical goods that can be consumed so cheaply here.  The other day, I was thinking about watching a movie with my language partner.  As I tried to find a suitable movie on my computer, she suggested we find a movie online.  All she had to do was go to Baidu (essentially the Chinese version of Google) and search for a Chinese movie.  Essentially any Chinese movie you could think of appeared on this website.  I was amazed by how easily accessible these movies were.  All it took was a few clicks on one of the country’s largest search engines and suddenly thousands of movies were available for me to watch.  I was even able to find some American movies (like Lion King and Mulan).  This really emphasized to me how little intellectual property rights are held up here in China.

As we saw in The River Runs Black, this could be a problem in the future for China’s economy.  While it definitely brings up problems of copyright infringement, it also acts as a deterrent for multi-national corporations considering entering the country.  If a high-tech company wants to enter China, they must worry about their new and innovative technologies and ideas being leaked out or stolen by competitors in their field. (Loc 3892).


I believe that this issue of intellectual property rights is becoming much more of a factor in our world now that essentially everything is going digital now.  If China wants to be taken seriously as a world power, they must bring up their standards and begin to crack down on this issue.  I am not sure if this is something that would need to be done by the central government in Beijing or individual local governments.  But I think it’s something that should be fixed.  Doing business in China shouldn’t be about getting an inferior product for as cheap as you can.  We’ll see how things change in the near future.