Antiques in China, is anything real?

Walking around the many street of China, it’s impossible not to notice all the vendors and stores selling antiques., antique furniture, antique paintings, antique sculptures, etc. Everyone claims their antiques are authentic, but after doing some research, it turns out that China also produces a lot of fake antiques. There are even people who specialize in creating fakes. I’ve realized that the only place one will definitely find real antiques are history museums. Personally, I believe that authentic antiques from China’s past are better left in museums where everyone has an opportunity to view them. If the antiques were privately owned it would be much harder for the general public to have access to them. When it comes to buying antiques I feel the same way about them as I feel about jade, as long as it is aesthetically pleasing I don’t necessarily care if it is authentic or not. However, for someone who’s hobby or life’s work is collecting authentic antiques the amount of fakes in China can be very frustrating. This being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate and enjoy all of the many authentic antiques China has to offer.