Chongqing to Yichang

For our last Davidson trip, we went on a river boat cruise down the Yangtze River. This was especially exciting because I had been on this exact cruise in 2010. I loved being on the cruise in 2010 and I was extremely excited to be back. However, this time we were on a different fancier boat and I was also able to take additional excursions that I hadn’t been able to take in 2010. In addition, the weather was a lot colder because in 2010 I went in July.

It was hard to contain my excitement when I first stepped on the boat. The first night was spent exploring the ship and preparing for an early morning the next day. The first day we went to Fengdu the ghost city. I had been here in 2010 and I had never imagined that I would be back. The city was the same but off in the distance a huge gold head of the Buddha had been constructed.


The city itself was the same. The same temple for heaven and the same temple for the king of the underworld Yama. In addition there were also small statues depicting the different tortures of hell, similar to Dante’s Inferno. I really enjoyed being back at Fengdu, and this time we walked up to the city, which is on a mountain, instead of taking a ski lift.



That afternoon we also made an excursion to Shibaozai, which was beautiful.




That night there was the captain’s welcome where the captain introduced himself and we had drinks and appetisers before dinner. After dinner the crew put on a show which included modelling different dynasties’ clothing and some traditional Chinese dance performances.

The next day we went to the White Emperor City and the Goddess Stream, both were beautiful. The White Emperor City gave us a great view of the first gorge, and the Goddess Stream was so peaceful. The Goddess Stream was definitely my favourite. In addition to taking a small boat down the stream we were able to get off and see some of the local people perform traditional dances and play traditional musical instruments. During the day we also passed through the three gorges.


DSC05170 (Goddess Stream)

That night the crew put on another performance and we had our last night on the boat. We also had a special goodbye dinner. After which we waited around to go through the ship lock. We ended up sitting outside the ship lock for an hour before we started to go through it. I didn’t stay up to see the entire process but a couple of other students did.


The next day we went on a tour of the ship locks and the dam. The weather was cold and rainy, but overall I had a good time. I also was here in 2010, so nothing much had changed. However, leaving the boat that afternoon was sad because I had so much fun. Even though leaving was sad, I was still happy I got to go on this cruise a second time.