River Cruise to the Three Gorges 三峡 (The Goddess Stream)

Cruising down the Yangtze River was probably the highlight of all the trips we took in China.  Not only was the river boat cruise relaxing and peaceful, but the scenery we passed through was absolutely beautiful! To get to the Three Gorges, we had to pass through 4 different stops: the Ghost City, the White Emperor City, the Goddess Stream, and YiChang.  While each stop had its own uniqueness, my most favorite would have to be our boat passage through the Goddess Stream.  The natural scenery in this area cannot be compared to the others.

The funny thing about the Goddess Stream is that we got off of our cruise boat just to board another, smaller boat just to go through the Goddess Stream.  Nonetheless, the moment we entered the stream, you feel like you stepped into another realm.  The stream is surrounded by mountains and vegetation which only add to its beauty.  The entire ride lasts about twenty to thirty minutes.  But I remember every minute of it!  Below are a few pictures of the beautiful scenery that I have been boasting about:








This place just radiates energy and vitality!  I could not help but fall in love with this place’s scenery!

At the end of the river boat tour down the Goddess Stream, merchants awaited for us to buy their locally grown products.  Also, the river boat tour guides had arranged to perform some local dances for us as we shopped around for a bit.  The dance was interesting and entertaining to watch, but the most intriguing part of it all was the fact that foreigners and tourists just started jumping in and dancing with the tour guides.  Not knowing what they were doing and relying on following the example of the tour guides, everyone was dancing around having fun and enjoying themselves.