Game Center

On Guoding and Siping road, there is an arcade called Game World. Most arcades are aboveground or have flashy designs to attract customers. However, Game World is an arcade that customers need to go downstairs for. It is located in the basement of the shopping center next to an Internet café. The arcade had recently been going through renovations and was not fully functional for a couple of months. But now, all the games at the arcade work and some of them even give tickets for prizes. The arcade has many genres of games, from sports games, like shooting basketball hoops, to shooter games like Ghost Squadron. The most popular games for young adults are the racing games. For children, there are kid games like the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf. There is also a gambling table at the back of the arcade that only adults go to try and win money. Unfortunately, for safety issues, there are no pictures of the gambling table. The fact that there is an arcade is a pleasant surprise in Shanghai because it makes the gaming culture become different. Most children in America have their own game consoles and can afford to play games whenever they want and wherever they want, as long as they have power and a television. However, in China, space is limited and even though the economy has been improving, people are not all lining up to buy game consoles. There are so many fake consoles that Chinese companies have been making to look like certain brands, such as Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo. Furthermore, since the Internet speeds in China are so slow, the PC gaming community is not able to keep up with gamers that have high connection, like South Korea. Therefore, instead of playing super-fast high graphic games, there are gamers playing League of Legends, a free PvP (Player versus Player) game that does not overclock anyone’s computer because of its low maintenance. Globalization is affecting China, but the transition of what some people think of China turning into America is not happening anytime soon in the gaming world. Arcades are still a popular place for young people because it involves hanging out outside instead of staying inside and playing console games.