Digital Marketing and Davidson

I am a Digital Marketing intern for Hatton Studios and Melville Jewellery, although I have never studied anything directly related to marketing of any form. In spite of this, my employer made me feel more than comfortable in taking on this internship. Hatton is the epitome of teaching and learning and that is exactly what my internship has been. Because my internship is not a program, I was prepared to experience the fluctuations in my specific job duties. Many days I arrive and do not know exactly what I will be doing but I have several ongoing projects. I often come in and do a bit of jewelry benchwork- something that I immensely enjoy because I have started my own jewelry business before and am also learning silversmithery (for free!)- a not so popular study in the U.S.  While here I have learned to make several pieces (lockets, rings, chains, cufflinks, etc) and techniques such as gem setting. My first “real” project was to put together a document of new marketing enhancement ideas for the company and also for the company’s students who are creating their own brand. While Davidson did not directly teach me the area of marketing specifically, my experiences both inside and outside of the classroom at Davidson prepared me with enough marketing and learning skills to be able to perform my job effectively.  My leadership experiences at Davidson that included planning, organizing, and publicizing events equipped me with basic marketing skills that have proven to be transferable to any place. This project also included a lot of research about international business. I believe that all of my Davidson classes adequately prepared me to be able to do research and also the comfortability to take on projects that I otherwise would not have been comfortable doing.

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Another project for my internship is creating webpages for all of Hatton’s press releases. I was slightly nervous about this at first because I have never had to create a website before but after quick instruction I was able to do exactly what they asked of me. I believe that both of my work study jobs at Davidson were helpful in preparing me for this because they both involved me working heavily with new interactive websites during their trial and improvement phases. Therefore, I was able to know how to create user-friendly webpages that captured the most important aspects of the press releases.

Overall, both with my trip abroad and my internship, I think the liberal arts studies and experiences at Davidson were instrumental in my overall independence, communication skills, and learning successfully while in Hong Kong. Of course, the typical person would appreciate more direct guidance but I would not change the experience I have had for anything, the good and the bad.