Final Thoughts

After being abroad for an entire year, there are a lot of big things that you learn. I will not dive into everything that I learned from the entire year, but rather focus on a few things that I felt were very important at the conclusion of the summer. The number one thing that I think is not only important in the workplace is communication. Being able to communicate effectively is something that is very important for a successful life. The other big thing that being abroad taught me is to be open minded and go with the flow. There were many times over the course of the summer where I was very disappointed with something or I didn’t understand a cultural element, so the best thing for me to do was to open my mind and understand the “why” as opposed to criticizing. The memories and experiences that I have from my time in Shanghai will serve me for a lifetime, there are some skills that I would have never obtained if it weren’t for my time abroad. Saying goodbye to really good friends and parting with Shanghai has been very hard for me, nevertheless I am more than ready to take on the challenges that face me ahead. Thanks so much for Davidson for allowing me to have such an amazing opportunity!