Hong Kong Hatton Studios

I am interning at Hatton Studios/Melville Jewellery in Sheung Wan.  Hatton Studios is a space dedicated to teaching the art of silversmithery and providing workspace for professional jewelry designers.  My boss, Nathalie Geary, is an entrepreneur and certified goldsmith from London. She owns her own jewelry business, Melville Jewellery, and upon moving to Hong Kong with her entrepreneur husband, she realized that there was not one company or space that existed in the area for jewelry making. Not only did it not exist, but it also was not considered a valuable trade or skill. She then decided to open Hatton Studios and it now functions as a jewelry making academy, co-working space, and gallery.


There are several students who come during the day and take week long courses- they are mostly housewives looking to learn a new “side” trade, some college students who are enhancing their goldsmith studies, and those looking to start a business of their own. Many professional designers come in to rent a bench to work on their pieces to market for their own business or clients.

Hatton Studios employees consist of a small group of about 5-6 people, about half of whom are professional jewelers themselves that teach the courses.  The environment here is great and it is refreshing and exciting to see up close people enjoying creating pieces such as the ones you would see in the expensive jewelry stores in the U.S. I work closely with one of the course instructors here, who is also from London and a professional goldsmith. After hearing my fascination with the diamond pieces that are created at Hatton, he explained to me that it is literally almost nothing to own diamond pieces here in Hong Kong. Everyone (relatively) loves to extravagantly flaunt the amount of money they have so much to the point that diamonds are a commonplace thing. To a certain degree, this actually helps their business as many people like to come in to repair expensive pieces or create their own unique pieces with diamonds.


Hatton is unique not only because of its individuality and being the only such studio in Hong Kong but also because the owner built this company on the foundation of ethical jewelry practices. She is “one of the leading authorities in Asia on sourcing precious materials (metals and gems) through ethical, environmentally friendly, safely produced and fairtrade supply chains”, an issue that is very important not only in the jewelry world but also in manufacturing and business functioning in Hong Kong and China.