International Education at Tunghai University

This past summer, I spent three months interning at the Tunghai University International College in Taichung, Taiwan. The International College (IC) offers two all-English undergraduate programs in international business administration and sustainability science engineering, and also enrolls foreign students from countries around the world. IC’s mission states that it was established in response to globalization with the purpose of preparing students with international knowledge to “to master the global trend and connect with the world.”


The college was a very interesting place to observe the way Taiwanese people—in particularly college students—are responding to an increasingly globalized world. Completing a bachelor’s degree in English is no small feat, particularly in Taiwan. The students who come into this program have spent many practicing English, and have the resources and foreign exchange opportunities needed to reach this level of fluency.

Apart from getting to know my students, the most exciting part of this job was using my Mandarin Chinese skills in a professional setting. In the mornings, I studied Mandarin for three hours of classes, took an hour for lunch, then interned in the IC office for four, where I communicated in both English and Mandarin with my students and coworkers. Having gained confidence in my professional Mandarin skills, I look forward to searching for careers that require bilingual fluency in both Mandarin and English.