Internship Experience

My internship search began right after I submitted the grant application. Given my entrepreneurial background, I was on the lookout for a non-traditional internship experience. After many months of research and networking I found exactly what I wanted with an international music company. To put it short – my task was to organize a master-class tour across East Asia for an American choreographer. I was super excited because every part of this project would require me not only answering questions, but coming up with those very questions to begin with.

I started the research a few months before I was planning to leave the U.S. After mapping out the potential locations, I ended up reaching out to the appropriate dance studios. Some got back to me relatively quickly, some never responded. This type of reaching out, or in other words cold calling, was not as easy as it first appeared. I quickly realized that I was missing a lot of information in my business model. But after a few dozens chats and Skype calls, I had meetings aligned along the initial route.

On my way to a meeting in Singapore


Meeting with a contact in Shanghai

Physically arriving in Singapore, the first country from the list, brought many questions into my head. What was I doing here? What will be the result of this trip? But only time and willingness to make something out of arising opportunities would provide some answers. The meeting in Singapore was the first on the list, but turned out to be the best of all. The opportunity went beyond a simple planning of a master-class. After the exchange of expectations with the representatives of the dance studio, I quickly realized that their reach continued all the way to the local radio and TV channels. We discussed a potential TV project in order to maximize the audience outreach. Looking back, it is because of moments like this, I can say with full confidence that my internship was a success.


Throughout the summer, regardless of the location, each interaction would teach me many lessons.  I finally had a chance to wear the entrepreneur hat. To be fully honest, at times it was quite difficult, and even frightening. But every day I would wake up with a passion to knock on doors to see what is behind them. This internship also allowed me to get a sense of the culture of every place I would visit. The rather flexible schedule and new connections  allowed me to get the non-tourist feel of each country. Looking back at my internship journey, this was one of the most productive and inspiring summers.