Jakarta, Indonesia Part 3: Connecting with your “Inner Source”

I first learned about YCAB while watching an Indonesian talk show featuring Veronica Colondam, CEO of YCAB. Her talk really inspired me and I wanted to intern at YCAB to experience first-hand the inner-workings of the organization. Naturally, one of the things I was most looking forward to during my internship was getting to meet Veronica Colondam in person. Turns out, when I first met her, she asked me to accompany her to two of her talks over the weekend and be her assistant for the day.

One of the highlights of my internship was listening to Veronica Colondam speak to a group of young high school and college students. While addressing the topic of being a true leader, she referred to a book written by Otto Scharmer titled Theory U. The book brings up the point that in order to bring about transformational change, we need to not only focus on what we do or how we do it, but also explore who we are and understand the inner place from which we operate. The idea is that successful leadership comes from being able to connect with your “inner source”. Her talk provided me with a fresh perspective on leadership. To be a strong leader for others, one needs to first establish a strong spiritual anchor within. This spiritual anchor can provide a purpose to the things that we are fighting for, and it helps us persevere when challenges come in the way.

Veronica Colondam speaks on being a true leader

Spark Indonesia members after the talk by Veronica Colondam (college students interested in social entrepreneurship)

Throughout my internship, YCAB was more than just a workplace where I was exposed to a professional setting, but it was also a nurturing environment where I found inspiring mentors and formed valuable friendships. I engaged with people who understand and share my passion for service. In a classroom setting at Davidson, I learn about theories of change—but working at YCAB allowed to me to go beyond understanding theories; I learned how such theories are implemented into different programs that impact individual lives. All in all, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to intern at YCAB and work with people who share the same vision of touching deeper into people’s lives.

Fellow YCAB Interns

Farewell with fellow YCAB interns

Last but not least, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Freeman Foundation for making this treasured experience possible. Truly, my two-month internship allowed me to grow both personally and academically in so many different ways.