Liberty Asia

Cambodian showing silk process.

Silk Island, a short tuk tuk and ferry ride away from the center of the city,

I’m excited by the work I’ve been doing for Liberty Asia. My internship has been a useful introduction to the anti-trafficking sector and is a good balance of my data science and social science backgrounds. Most the projects I am working on are on the data-side of the Victim Case Management System, but with the ultimate goal of helping NGO partners.

Currently, the Victim Case Management System is the largest data set in Asia. While the VCMS offers support to frontline NGOs in their work caring for victims of trafficking and exploitation, there are also challenges in the current data collection culture. More than just entering case information into the system, we want our partners to engage with their data and be involved in conversations of data collection. Next week I will visiting one of our local partners, Legal Support for Women and Children, to help with training.

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