Overall Reflection

There really aren’t that many words that can fully describe how important and incredible this summer was for me. I am incredibly blessed to have been able to spend my time within Asia, and will forever be grateful for the wonderful experiences that I now have.

There are so many things that I learned throughout this time; this summer encompassed traveling alone for the first time, eating new cuisine, meeting new people, seeing new places and learning more about myself. I am really proud of how much I have been able to grow, and am glad that I pushed myself to do new things.

For my last weekend in Asia I decided to travel to Hong Kong alone. This was something that I would never have even dreamed about doing before spending 6 weeks building up my confidence and my determination to enjoy every second that I could. Despite my apprehension, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only was it one of the coolest adventures – traveling around a foreign city entirely alone was incredibly empowering – but it also left me sure of how far I had come in such a short time: I hiked with a group of strangers, ate meals alone, travelled to The Peak and thoroughly enjoyed my final weekend of my Davidson In East Asia.

I began my journey with almost no knowledge of the world that I was able to explore, and now I can say that I’ve hiked The Great Wall, explored the cities of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo, worked as a journalist, ate an enormous amount of fish, and met some incredible people along the way. I will never forget my time in Asia, and am determined to go back and continue to learn and explore all that it has to offer.


During my time there, I took a video of two seconds of each day so that I could keep track of all the different memories I was making. I have attached this video to better show the incredible experiences that I have had.


Song Used: The Lotto – Ingrid Michaelson