Parks in Taiwan for Children

In Taiwan, there was a point in the Davidson group’s journey that we became little kids again. We stumbled upon a playground in a park near the government buildings of Taipei. This was the first time that we saw structures that were meant to be played on. In Shanghai, most of the parks are just open fields of grass with benches under trees. This is meant for the different types of people who come to the park, such as the old grandparents with their Tai Chi, water calligraphy or dancing. They need all the space they can get to do their activities. There is usually no play set for the children to have fun on. In the park that we went to, there was a jungle gym, two sets of swings, a four person see-saw and a set off pull-up bars. Davidson students clamored up the jungle gym, started swinging on the swings, and riding the see-saw. It was an incredible amount of fun, although it would have been great if Dr. Lozada and Dr. Rigger had joined us.

I believe there was more equipment for children because there is no one-child policy in Taiwan. People are allowed to have as many children as they like, and as a result, they have more friends or siblings, and require more equipment to play with. There are more people in China, but right now there is a slower birth rate because many people are looking for the perfect person to marry or further their education and end up getting married later with less chances of producing children. Taiwan has a similar problem, or what some people call “economic one child policy (Lozada).” In a meeting with interns for the Democratic Progressive Party, a woman was telling us that she had to first provide for herself, then her parents, and then she could start thinking of marriage. This may be starting to happen to many young people in Taiwan because of their culture emphasizing filial piety, but I still saw multiple children in families in Taiwan instead of the usual one. There were many twins as well. Economic stability is important for most of the young people, but I think that once they have reached that point, the young people will have more than just one kid. I think they will start to enjoy having children and end up having more than one.