Suggested Packing Lists

Better to travel light and smart, than to try to bring everything with you. Here are some suggested packing lists, one for men (this is essentially my standard packing list) and one for women (put together by Rebecca Ruhlen, our new Assistant Director).

While you are allowed 2 checked pieces of luggage for your international flight, I would recommend only checking in one bag (less than 50 lbs) when going to China, and then checking in two bags when you return (with gifts, souvenirs, custom-built clothing, and whatever else you will inevitably buy during 4 months in China). See this other post for smart packing hints.

As for luggage, I used to travel with backpacks like this one from Eagle Creek (the kind where the straps can be hidden when checking in bags at the airport). As I’ve gotten older, I switched to wheeled luggage like this bag from e-Bags. Don’t buy the biggest duffel, since you will end up paying exorbitant excess-baggage fees; keep your luggage size reasonable (less than 5,000 cubic inches) so as to force yourself not to over-pack your bag.

Remember, you will only be allowed one carry-on (total length+width+height less than 45 inches) and one “personal bag” (purse, computer bag, tote bag – something you can fit underneath a seat). Do not check in your computer or any other valuables (i.e., money); if you have medication, take a couple of days worth with you on the flight. Always keep your passport with you (once you get them back from Jessica), and before leaving any plane, do a quick check to make sure that your passport is with you.