Who Needs Water?

I know the title of my post may seem like a stupid question.  But one thing I’ve realized on this trip is how easily I take water for granted.  Back home, I normally get my drinking water straight from the tap.  Any time that I’m thirsty, I can simply put a glass in the sink and fill it.  Bam. Instant water.  Unfortunately here in China, that isn’t recommended. The water here is not as clean and thus can’t be consumer from the tap (without potentially getting really sick).

While we have water jugs in the room, I often forget to have it replaced when I run out.  For a few days every month, I find myself needing to plan to go out and get water.  While this is a very minor inconvenience, it’s made me realize how much I drink water.  I find myself staring at the empty bottles I have, thirsty but not wanting to go downstairs to buy another bottle.

After reading about the different struggles against diseases carried through water, I am even more fortunate for my current situation.  I can still go down to the store to buy a bottle of water.  But for many people, their main source of water was through a local river or other waterway.  It is a little bit scary to put myself in their place, where malaria or shistosomiasis is being carried through the water.  Whether it be mosquitoes or snails carrying the disease, I would be enjoy water a lot less if I knew my water was potentially affected.

Luckily we’ve gotten to a point where we can trust the water we drink and know we won’t be getting any scary epidemic diseases from drinking it.  Who needs water? I guess I do. And I’m happy to drink it.