2012 Program – From the students

Visiting Xi'an

Davidson in Shanghai was a great opportunity to spend a semester at one of the best universities in China, while still getting to work with Davidson students and a Davidson professor. One of the best things about Davidson in Shanghai is the diverse range of opportunities to travel and meet people it offered, without having to worry about getting credits transferred. Having a Davidson professor on hand to guide the experience and introduce us to a lot of interesting people was really helpful as well.

The Davidson in Shanghai program was a great experience! We had the opportunity to see many cities in China and Taiwan and to get to know students at Fudan and members of the community. It is a trip you won’t want to miss!

Davidson in Shanghai was the one of the best experiences I have had in my college career. It was an eye-opening, and liberating experience. If I could go again, I definitely would!

Information Sessions for Davidson-in-China 2014

2012 Group Picture at Fudan University

2012 Group Picture at Fudan University

We will be having 3 information sessions for the 2014 Shanghai program on the following dates during the common hour:

  • October 8, 2013
  • November 12, 2013
  • January 14, 2014

All meetings will take place in Chambers 1027. For more information, email Fuji Lozada (erlozada).

Packing Smart – start with luggage, and plan

I’m about to leave for close to a month in China, including a conference where I need to look “presentable.” I will have fieldwork equipment (video, audio); and everything will be in one carry-on bag that I can carry on my back. I will not have any checked luggage.

So much of succeeding in fieldwork is preparation, and the logistics of travelling smart are crucial to your success abroad. Take a look at this website, Onebag.com for hints on travelling smart.

Here is the bag that I use the most for travelling, either domestically or internationally – the Rick Steves convertible. Ebags has a version that I’ve used in the past, but I found the Rick Steves version to be lighter.

Readings for the Program

Possible Course Readings (Public Amazon Wishlist)
Note that not all of the books listed here are required for all courses.

All the readings for the courses (except for Chinese) will be available in Amazon Kindle format. You do not have to own a Kindle to buy and read Kindle books; instead, you can download the kindle software for your computer (Windows or Mac) and read them on your computer.

I would recommend buying a Kindle for your own sanity – you do not get eyestrain by reading using a Kindle, since it uses e-ink (and is not an illuminated screen like your computer). You will need a light source to read on the Kindle, like reading regular printed books. Please see Fuji if you are interested in exploring options other than buying a Kindle.

Tip: Getting over jetlag

Here’s a good graphic to help you manage your jetlag; China is exactly opposite to U.S. Eastern Daylight Savings Time (if it’s 8 pm at Davidson, it’s 8 am in Shanghai).

Yumi Sakugawa has an informative graphic providing tips on how to deal with jet lag. In the end, I think his tip “fake it ’til you make it” is the time-tested way to handle jet-lag. But give these tips a try!