2018 Course of Study

Davidson students who successfully complete the program will receive four Davidson course credits.  In 2018, course offerings will include:

  • POL 249: Business and Politics in China. Offered by Dr. Bullock, this course will examine how public and private actors interact in the People’s Republic. Students will explore a wide range of case studies from across China related to corporate governance and supply chain management, business innovation and entrepreneurship, environmental information and regulation, foreign direct investment and joint ventures, labor rights and intellectual property rights, among other topics.  In the course, students will also learn to a variety of social science methods to examine a particular company, government agency, and issue of their interest.
  • CHI X01 Chinese Language (level-dependent). Accessible, engaging and rigorous courses that will be customized to each student’s Chinese level. A Chinese language instructor will use the Davidson College Chinese language curriculum to teach Chinese (10 hours/week) in small group tutorials.  These courses will be designed to dovetail with the Davidson Chinese language curriculum so that students can move seamlessly between courses on campus and courses in China.
  • Two Courses Taught by Fudan University Faculty: Students will be able to choose 2 courses among nearly a dozen options taught in English by faculty in Fudan University’s School of Social Development and Public Policy. Some of the likely courses to be offered include the following options (more information about these courses will be posted here as they become available):
    • The Chinese Marketplace, taught by Professor Pan Tianshu (PhD Anthropology, Harvard University) 
    • Religion in Chinese Society, taught by Professor Fan Lizhu (PhD Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
    • China’s Social and Economic Transformation, taught by Professor Shen Ke (PhD in Economics, Peking University)
    • Shanghai History, taught by Professor Allison Rottmann (PhD in History, UC Berkeley)
    • Chinese Society and Culture, taught by Professor Yu Hai (MA in Philosophy, Fudan University)
    • China through Contemporary Film, taught by Professor Zhu Jianxin (PhD in English Literature, Shanghai International Studies University)
    • Psychology and Life: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, taught by Professor Gao Jun (PhD in Clinical Psychology, Peiking University)
    • Culture, Health and Medical Practices in Contemporary China, taught by Professor Zhu Jianfeng (PhD Anthropology, University of Minnesota) 

The Fudan University campus


2016 Courses of Study

Non-language courses in the program will be taught by Davidson College and Fudan University faculty. We anticipate that the content courses will emphasize contemporary Chinese society and culture, including interdisciplinary topics such as environmental studies. Language courses will be designed to dovetail with the Davidson Chinese language curriculum so that students can move seamlessly between courses here and courses in China.

Davidson students enrolled in the Shanghai program will receive four course credits:

  • CHI 265: Modern Chinese Society and Culture. In addition to the course requirements, students will be required to maintain a field journal, with weekly contributions that will be published on a website. This course will also be informed by the travel experiences included in the program.
  • CHI 360: Issues in Chinese Society (UG credit). This will be a course offered by the faculty from the School of Social Development and Public Policy (taught in English). We anticipate that this class will be “The Chinese Marketplace,” a course on the impact of globalization on China taught by an anthropologist.
  • CHI X01 (level-dependent; graded): A Chinese language instructor will use Davidson College Chinese language curriculum to teach Chinese (10 hours/week); this will be set up under the guidance of the head of the Davidson Chinese Department.
  • CHI 405: Shanghai in Chinese Literature, Film, Pop Culture and Everyday Life (graded credit). As part of the course, there will be organized excursions to the famous historical sites in Shanghai. Students who have taken Chinese 405 before may repeat the course for credit.
  • CHI 395/396: (optional) Independent Study. For students who are more advanced, they can work with the resident director to conduct fieldwork on a particular subject. By permission of the director.