An Unsustainable Eco-City? An ethnographic film by Bohannan, Coursen, and Feng

Chai Lu Bohannan and Julie Coursen did fieldwork with Fudan University graduate student Feng Ran examining the social impact of a developing eco-city on nearby Chongming Island. Because Chongming, an island in the Yangtze River Delta, is a couple of hours away from Shanghai by bus, conducting this research was challenging.

Evaluating the Social Forces of Dongtan Eco-city from thefieldworker on Vimeo.

Taiwanese Scooters, by Chai Lu Bohannan and Alina Gomez

As part of their exploration of what makes Taipei different from Shanghai, Chai Lu and Ali made a video exploring a readily-seen feature of Taipei – the scooters and motorcycles of Taiwan. The Mods don’t have anything on this woman featured in this ethnographic short.

Auras of Lu Xun Park by Katie Wells

Auras of Lu Xun Park by Katie Wells from thefieldworker on Vimeo.

This pecha kucha made by Katie Wells features Lu Xun Park. In celebration of Golden Week (National Day is October 1) and the Mid-Autumn Festival, the park was extensively decorated with lanterns and other displays to entertain the children and the retirees who frequent the park.